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Photo: Shikhar Bhattarai

Special Print Sale

This Special Print Sale is a fundraiser to support the rebuilding of heritage sites in the historic city of Patan that have sustained damage in Nepal's recent earthquakes. Prints are available in a limited edition of 100 per photograph. They are made with high quality archival paper and will bear the official stamp of Nepal Picture Library. Sizes are unique to each photograph so kindly check the gallery for specifications for each print. Prints will be shipped to you, with love, from Kathmandu.

The archival photographs featured in this Special Print Sale have been curated from the Nepal Picture Library and the Peace Corp Nepal Photo History Project. As art objects they are remarkable and rare, and as mementos of a rapidly evolving way of life they are beautiful and unusual. Photo Kathmandu attempts to give life to this archival material, empowering the past to lend an encouraging hand to the future. NEW! Inspired by this initiative, a group of photo.circle's photographer friends have kindly donated unique artist proofs to be sold through this fundraiser. Take a look at the new collection "Friends of photo.circle"!



Friends of photo.circle Collection

Floating market
Woman doing puja
Abandoned home
Praying monks
Guardian of the Temple
High Risers

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Nepal Picture Library Collection

Mountain Children
A Young Tharu Man: An “Outsider”
Kathmandu Durbar Square
Side Talk
The Final Rehearsal
Exams Under An Open Sky
Woman Feeding Swans

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Peace Corps Collection

Woman in Sunglasses
The Silver Sale
A Democratic meeting
A moment of their own - women dancing
Rai Man in Linen
Rai Woman Playing Mouth Harp
Drying fabric

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