Mr Suresh Shrestha (coordinator) and the community committee members inspecting the foundations of Lapati.

With Indra Jatra coming up in the next few weeks, the Chyasal community has been busy getting their portion of the proceedings ready. This has meant that the rebuilding of the Lampati has been put temporarily on hold.

The team utilized this time to look for a project coordinator with a contracting and architectural background, and experience in traditional building techniques. In comes Mr Suresh Shrestha, with a lot of great recommendations, from both institutions and individuals. His role will be to coordinate with the community members who are providing the labour and to ensure that quality standards are met.

On Saturday, 7 May, we introduced Suresh to the Kwelachi Tol Sudhar Samiti committee members. 

The first step, he explained, would be to assign him two community members to help him go through the debris stacked in neighboring buildings and figure out what parts of the old pati are salvageable and what has to be made anew. This will provide the project with a better base to produce a more comprehensive budget.

  From left to right: NayanTara Kakshapati (, Mr Suresh Shresta (coordinator), a committee member, Ram Kr Maharjan (Vice-President), Mr Surendra Raj Awale (President) and Mr Prem Ratna Awale (Treasurer) discussing the way forward.