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May 2016

Mr Suresh Shrestha (coordinator) and the community committee members inspecting the foundations of Lapati.

With Indra Jatra coming up in the next few weeks, the Chyasal community has been busy getting their portion of the proceedings ready. This has meant that the rebuilding of the Lampati has been put temporarily on hold.

The photo.circle team utilized this time to look for a project coordinator with a contracting and architectural background, and experience in traditional building techniques. In comes Mr Suresh Shrestha, with a lot of great recommendations, from both institutions and individuals. His role will be to coordinate with the community members who are providing the labour and to ensure that quality standards are met.

On Saturday, 7 May, we introduced Suresh to the Kwelachi Tol Sudhar Samiti committee members. 

The first step, he explained, would be to assign him two community members to help him go through the debris stacked in neighboring buildings and figure out what parts of the old pati are salvageable and what has to be made anew. This will provide the project with a better base to produce a more comprehensive budget.

  From left to right: NayanTara Kakshapati (photo.circle), Mr Suresh Shresta (coordinator), a committee member, Ram Kr Maharjan (Vice-President), Mr Surendra Raj Awale (President) and Mr Prem Ratna Awale (Treasurer) discussing the way forward.


March 2016

Thomas Schrom meeting with community architect

In early March, the Kwelachhi Tol Sudhar Samiti and photo.circle representatives met with Thomas Schrom, civil engineer and co-director of the Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust, to discuss the designs that the community architect had drawn up. Mr. Schrom gave valuable advice on earthquake proofing the new buildings and showed the team interesting designs from other patis in the area. The next step for the community architect is to make detailed designs of the new pati, based on which the final budget will be calculated.

 Meanwhile, photo.circle and the Kwelachhi Tol Sudhar Samiti opened up a joint account at a local community cooperative and deposited the first 7,000 USD (7,00,000 NPR).

Deposit slips

February 2016

Plans of new Lam Pati

Ever since the end of summer, the whole country has been in a state of paralysis, induced by a crippling shortage of fuel. This situation, however, is being resolved and things will hopefully be moving forward again.

In December and January, the coldest months of the year, the photo.circle team directed some time and effort towards distributing warm blankets to communities most affected by last year’s earthquake.

February finally saw some advancement on the Rebuilding Lampati project. Community members have been discussing designs, which an engineer from the community drew up. The designs will be checked and approved by an independent engineer before submission to the Department of Archeology, which has the final say in the matter. 

On 25 Feb, community representatives met with photo.circle to discuss the way forward. 

Meeting minutes

 The agenda and list of participants of the meeting.

25 Feb Meeting

photo.circle co-director Bhushan Shilpakar (far left) sharing his views on the rebuilding process. 

The cheque for 12000USD in the Association's Office

The 12 lakhs (12,000 USD) cheque hanging proudly in the association's office.

12,000 USD !

Photo Kathmandu Opening Ceremony Cheque Handover

By the end of October, just days before the opening of Photo Kathmandu 2015, we were super excited to see the counter hit 12,000 USD. Over 70 people from all over the world had contributed to the fundraiser by buying one or more limited edition prints.

During the official opening ceremony at the Patan Museum, the Photo Kathmandu team was proud to hand over a cheque of that exact amount to the president of Kwelachhi Tol Sudhar Samiti.

The fundraiser is not over yet, though! There are still plenty of extraordinary prints for sale on support.photoktm.com. All extra funds will go towards the same goal.

Lam pati before, during and after the earthquake

New Collection of photographs

For almost three months now, Photo Kathmandu has been running a special fundraiser, offering special limited editions prints for sale, all to support the rebuilding of Patan’s centuries-old heritage sites that were demolished in April’s earthquake and its aftershocks. Now, in addition to curated prints from the archives of the Nepal Picture Library and the Peace Corp Nepal Photo History Project, 14 new exclusive prints are available for purchase, all generously donated by friends of photo.circle.

I was not in Nepal when the big earthquake struck. When I heard the news, I frantically called everyone back home to make sure they were okay. Now that I have returned home and seen all the destruction with my own eyes, donating this picture was the least I could do,” says Nirman Shrestha, one of the contributors to the collection.

The 14 new prints, all artist proofs, are from contemporary photographers. “Even though the first two sets contain extraordinary photos, we wanted to include some contemporary work”, says Nayantara Gurung Kakshapati, co-director of the Photo Kathmandu festival and a co-founder of photo.circle. “We mentioned the idea to some friends and the response was overwhelming. It's such a privilege to have these fantastic photographers contribute to our fundraiser.

You can check out the photos, and hopefully support our fundraiser with a purchase, here.

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