Plans of new Lam Pati

Ever since the end of summer, the whole country has been in a state of paralysis, induced by a crippling shortage of fuel. This situation, however, is being resolved and things will hopefully be moving forward again.

In December and January, the coldest months of the year, the team directed some time and effort towards distributing warm blankets to communities most affected by last year’s earthquake.

February finally saw some advancement on the Rebuilding Lampati project. Community members have been discussing designs, which an engineer from the community drew up. The designs will be checked and approved by an independent engineer before submission to the Department of Archeology, which has the final say in the matter. 

On 25 Feb, community representatives met with to discuss the way forward. 

Meeting minutes

 The agenda and list of participants of the meeting.

25 Feb Meeting co-director Bhushan Shilpakar (far left) sharing his views on the rebuilding process. 

The cheque for 12000USD in the Association's Office

The 12 lakhs (12,000 USD) cheque hanging proudly in the association's office.