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Who owns the copyright of these photographs?
Each individual photographer or contributor owns copyrights of their individual photographs. Nepal Picture Library and the Peace Corp Nepal History Project has agreements with individual copyright holders who have very kindly given them the license to sell these photographs as part of this fundraiser.

I live in Nepal. How can I buy a print and get it delivered?
Add prints to your shopping cart. Select Purchase in Nepal by Cash/Check as Payment Method. You can pay directly at Photo Circle, Arun Thapa Chowk, Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, Phone: +977 1 5013501. Your print will be ready within 7 working days after your payment is received. Please write to fundraiser@photoktm.com if you have specific requests. We will email or call you to arrange delivery. We are happy to offer free delivery within the Kathmandu valley!  

Can I pay via Paypal?
Yes, absolutely.
Can I put in a super duper urgent order?
If you live in Nepal, and have a flight to catch tomorrow, email us at fundraiser@photoktm.com and write URGENT in the subject line and we will try our best! Absolutely minimum time frame to produce a print will be 24 hours on working days.  

Do the prints come framed?
Shipping frames is expensive. We are selling frame-less prints only.  However, if you live in Nepal and need help to get frames made, please email us at fundraiser@photoktm.com and we are happy to help.

Can I order a print that is bigger or smaller that the standard size?
Yes, please email us at fundraiser@photoktm.com and let us know about your specific needs.   

What is your return policy?
As this is a fundraising initiative, we are not offering any returns. Sorry and thanks for your understanding.

Can I get a receipt?
Yes, please email us at fundraiser@photoktm.com.
Does the price of a print include shipping?
No, shipping is extra. DHL has offered us very special rates. To calculate shipping rates, add a print to your shopping cart, and select destination country.    
How long will it take for my purchase to reach me?
You will receive your prints within 15 days of your purchase. This period includes the production of your print and shipping.    
I can't buy a print but can I support this fundraiser in any other way?
Omg, yes please. You could tell all your family, friends and colleagues about this fundraiser. You could host a tea party or cocktail dinner, or organize a talk event, slideshow night or another engaging cool event to promote the fundraiser. Please contact us at fundraiser@photoktm.com to let us know what you have in mind. We would love to help you plan something!
I want to buy a large quantity of prints, are there special rates?
As this is a fundraising initiative, we are not offering any special rates, even on bulk purchases. However, we can bring the shipping prices down. Please email us at fundraiser@photoktm.com for more information.
I am interested in making an institutional purchase. Can I get help with curating a selection for our office walls?
photo.circle is happy to provide pro bono professional curatorial services to institutional buyers. We are happy to provide special access to the wider Nepal Picture Library and Peace Corps archives to curate special collections as per your needs. Please contact us at fundraiser@photoktm.com to initiate this conversation. 

How is the quality of the photos?
The quality of the photos is surprisingly good considering they were made from film and slides that were digitized many years after being kept in storage. Some photographs are slightly out of focus, others grainy- all adding to their charm. Apart from some clean up work, mainly removal of negative scratches, no changes have been made to the photographs.

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