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The Dentist

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Original Medium & Size: 35mm Film

Contributor: Bill Hanson

Year: 1968

Place: Chainpur

Description: Bill Hanson met the man (the patient in this photo) in Chainpur. He had agreed to carry Hanson's belongings to Namche; but on the way there, he suffered a toothache. Unable to take the pain, he stopped another man who was also going downhill with a load, and asked him to pull his tooth out.

And just like that, pliers came out from the other man's pack. Kneeling on a straw mat with a cigarette perched on his lips, the dentist effortlessly pulled out the tooth releasing Hanson's companion from pain.

And everyone was on their merry way.


Size: 12 x 18 in (30.48 x 45.72 cm)

Paper: Hahnemühle Fine Art Inkjet

Edition of 100

Editions available: 99

The Dentist is available for purchase in increments of 1
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